[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a kid I loved skateboarding, windsurfing and anything that involved mud. In my late teens I switched to beer and cars (not at the same time), and anything that involved oil. For a while I raced classic Minis in the Mighty Minis championship, running my own amateur race team called Rhubarb Racing. I like food (both creating and devouring), drinking beer & wine, and traveling the world. Sometimes I get to combine all three which makes me particularly happy. I’m a fairly adventurous type, and I’ll give most things a try. I’ve tried trail-running, surfing, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, tiger-wrestling, power-kiting, scuba diving, snowmobiling, hill-walking and caving and enjoyed them all, but I draw the line at parachuting or bungee jumping. I will never, ever understand why anybody would throw themselves out of a serviceable aircraft. I don’t always have the best of luck either. After years of procrastination I finally learnt to snowboard in 2008, and have already managed to break my wrist and dislocate my shoulder in the process. The last time I got onto an ATV I crashed it into a marsh.

By day I’m a desk-jockey, having worked in a bunch of technical and managerial roles for MessageLabs in the UK, and later as the Director of Technical Services for Symantec.Cloud in Toronto, Canada. I grew up, studied and got my first job in the UK, and moved to Canada in 2008.

Since moving to Canada I’ve rediscovered my love of the outdoors. I split my time and energy between running (anything between 5km and marathon distance, on roads and trails), mountain biking, road cycling, rock climbing (indoors and out), and hiking.