[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y love for the outdoors started at a very young age. Mud was a treat for me and I was never one to give up jumping in a puddle, rolling around in the snow or jumping a creek and leaving a rubber boot behind. It didn’t stop there. Camp counseling allowed me to see a lot of Ontario. Out tripping, weekly canoe trips, hiking, climbing was all in a days work. One year my dad decided to take his three kids on separate trips with him. He decided to take me to Vancouver. It was my first trip out west and my first taste of mountains. It didn’t take long for me to acquire mountain fever. I was mesmerized by them, fascinated and truly couldn’t get enough of them. I was hooked. My curiosity lead me to the Fairholme Range, the Cascades, the Three Sisters.. to name a few.

Climbing, hiking, traveling, all around exploring which include any physical activity is a passion of mine. I am never one to give up an opportunity to try something new or get on a plane (even though I have a fear of turbulence) and go on an adventure. Don’t let this fool you though… I am always up for a nice glass of wine, chilling out, putting on a dress vs. my hikers any day. I used to focus so much on trying to balance the “muddy” with the “sophisticated” side of myself. Now, I just let it all happen naturally. I find it more exciting that way!

Working and living in the city is certainly not taken for granted. The hum of the city is energizing to me and there is always something new and cool around the corner to check out. But offer me a camping trip or a muddy hike and I and my day pack are out of here in no time! 😉

The coolest thing that helps me through the challenges I put upon myself is my family. I have an awesome twin sister, a kick-ass older brother and the coolest parents! Let’s not forget my puppy, the one and only Sir William (Billy, B-Boy, Bulldozer, etc… ), my chocolate labrador.