It’s well-known that even in the middle of summer, the weather can be pretty fickle up in the hills. Last Sunday, the day after I did the Great Range Traverse in the Adirondacks, I went for a little stroll up Pitchoff Mountain to stretch the legs a bit before the long drive home.  Just as I got to the last, steepest section of the ascent I got caught in a wicked rain shower which seemingly appeared from nowhere.

When I got to the top (very wet and bedraggled) I took these two photos, just a few seconds apart but looking in opposite directions.

Despite the soaking, Pitchoff Mountain has got to be one of the best value hikes I’ve ever done. It’s a good, fun trail to the top with a little bit of very light scrambling near the top, capped with awesome 360 degree views from the rocky summit. The best bit is that access is right off the highway, and you can be up and down in a couple of hours.