The Spartan Race season is done. No more road trips to obscure ski resorts, no more scraped knees, no more AROO’ing. So how did we get on? They say “You’ll Know At The Finish Line”, and my gut feel is that it was boatload of fun, I really enjoyed it, and I feel like I was moving way faster than last year. But what do the cells of my mystical Excel sheet say? Really, I have a spreadsheet with my results in it…


I finished in the top 5% at the Sprint distance, top 13% at the Super distance (at a new and not-very-competitive event), and just sneaked into the first half of the field at the Beast in Ottawa.


Almost made it into the top 1% at the Toronto Sprint, made the top 5% at the (crazily competitive) Super in Mont Tremblant, and finished in the top 13% at the Ottawa Beast. So, according to the numbers, I moved up the field in each of the distances which can only be good news.

So am I actually any faster?

Because the course, conditions and competitors change from one season to the next it’s hard to know for sure if you’ve improved or not, but it felt to me this year like the people winning the events were better athletes than the people winning last year (and the finish times back that up), and yet I was finishing in a similar time relative to the winner as I was last year. So I reckon the other guys got quicker, but I kept up with them just as well (or badly) as last year. Typically I finished in about 135-140% of the winner’s time this season and last season (ie if the winner finished in 100 minutes, I took about 135 minutes).

What about Krista?

Any statistical analysis of Krista’s results is pointless. The single goal for her in 2013 was to finish the Beast. Every other event was treated as either practice or conditioning. The result was good. In 2012 she dropped out of the Beast after about 3 hours, knowing she wasn’t strong enough to complete the course. This year she kept going at a consistent pace for 7+ hours, completing the course in good style with a smile on her face. She crossed the line, got the medal, completed the Trifecta. It was a pass or fail test, and she passed. I couldn’t be more proud, and she couldn’t be happier.