The Eastern Canada Spartan Race circuit continues. Three consecutive weekends of running races and here we were, 650km away from home preparing for a Spartan Super Obstacle Race.  The Spartan Race website indicates the following:

Spartan Super – 13+ kilometers & 21 obstacles.

What did we get? 15 kilometers, approx. 28 obstacles, 1,200 feet in elevation gain/loss and extremely muddy/steep terrain.  I found this to be the most frustrating, challenging, beautiful and rewarding course to date. Every step taken there was a slip. The mud was never ending and tiring and it challenged both of us. Eastern Canada Spartan Races continue to improve their obstacles and increase difficulty in both terrain and distance. This makes the giant and I both nervous.

Washed up and back in Toronto tending to bruises and cuts. The race circuit continues with the Toronto Spartan Beast coming up in two weeks time. Aroo!