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Month: November 2011

Things I like about CrossFit (Number 4)

A lot of the exercises sound dirty, like they belong in some kind of German hardcore movie.

  • Wall Ball.
  • Power Snatch.
  • Muscle-Up.
  • Box Jump.
  • Ring Dip.
  • Clean and Jerk.

CrossFit Bootcamp Wrap-Up

Krista and I finished our 4 week CrossFit Bootcamp today. 4 weeks of being out of bed at 5:30am every weekday. 4 weeks of sore muscles. 4 weeks of being booze-free Sunday-Thursday. 4 weeks of early nights. 4 weeks of sweating, profusely.

So what did our blood, sweat and… more sweat get us? Well, the benchmark test is what we use to assess our progress, and the results speak for themselves.

Week 1 Benchmark

Matt – 21 mins 37
Krista – 14 mins 41

Week 4 Benchmark

Matt – 14 mins 52 (=6 mins 45 faster)
Krista – 9 mins 41 (=5 mins faster)

To put a single number against our improvements, in the space of three weeks Krista and I both improved our times by about 1/3. Pretty epic really.

And it wasn’t all miserable, either. Sure, we’ve both found ourselves reviewing what we had for breakfast after a particularly rough workout. Yes, I had two mornings where I was sick of how mutha$#%*ing hard the workout is and wanted to give up, go home, f$#% it all. But we both came out the other side grinning, every time. And at the end of the month, we’ve turned into a tough little team of adventurers. We’re not quite Spartans yet, but give us another year or two…

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