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Month: October 2011

This video was created by James Buffin, a regular Crossfit-er at CrossFit Toronto. It shows one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Crossfit and our gym in particular. (to be clear, I’m talking about “inclusiveness”, not babies/dogs – although they’re cool too)

Things I like about CrossFit (Numbers 1-3)

As the summer hiking/running/camping/mountaineering season came to a close, Krista and I decided we needed something new to keep us going through the winter. We pondered a few options, but decided to try a CrossFit Bootcamp through November to see if we got on with it. We’re both fairly decent at running but we’re well below-par at anything strength-oriented, so it seemed a good way to round us out a bit.

Today is day 15. Already it’s been a revelation. If I write down everything I like about it, this will be a very long article, so here’s a select few things that are most important to me today.

I like our instructor. Ryan’s easy-going but still pushes us hard, especially when we need it the most. He’s also one of the many success stories that I keep coming across – someone who wasn’t especially fit before he got into CrossFit, but now looks like he could pull the ears off a Gundark. Consequently I know that he’s not asking me to do anything he hasn’t already done himself.

I like the people in the gym. I see the whole cross-section of society in the gym including men, women, young adults, not-so-young adults. People of all builds. People of all different colors. Even puppies/babies. What you don’t see is slackers, show-offs and glory-boys. Or if you do, you only see them for a few days, then they disappear. I couldn’t understand how CrossFit has a reputation for being elitest, and yet our gym claims to be very inclusive. I guess it would be fair to say that CrossFit invites everyone in, but only holds onto those who want to work hard.

I like the structure that CrossFit imposes upon my life. I’m going to the gym every morning at 5:45am. I’ve committed to that, paid my fees, it’s non-negotiable. Everything else logically falls into place around that. I don’t know what the workout will be until I get there, so I can’t psyche myself out of it. We get home from the gym at 7:15am, and eat a hearty breakfast (together, which is nice). I shower, change, and get to work at 8:30am. After work, my evenings are completely open and I can be as active or as lazy as I want without guilt, so long as I go to bed at 9:30pm. The structure might seem constraining but for me, so far at least, it’s actually quite liberating.

This is just the start…

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