Our latest race, the Midsummer Night’s Run, was an interesting one. Krista took about 5 mins out of her PB for the 15km, and I came in a mere 2 mins outside my PB for the 30km. The bit that makes those results impressive is that neither of us took this race especially seriously and we didn’t train very hard for it at all. I did 4 or 5 long-ish runs, most of them around 20km, most of them on a Monday morning before work. Krista did about the same number of runs, varying between 7km and 13km. Neither of us ran more than twice a week, and we did zero speed work. When we set our respective PBs (Krista at last year’s Midsummer Night’s Run, and me at the Around The Bay race in Hamilton 2 years ago), we’d both trained properly, running at least 2 or 3 times a week, for 3 months or more. Our times haven’t progressed hugely, but our base level of fitness is such that we can do them without much specific training. I think that’s pretty awesome. I’d love to run more often and improve my times, but you can’t do everything, and I wouldn’t want to give up cycling and climbing (OK, and hanging out in the pub) in order to commit the extra time to running.