Four days from now we’ll be getting on a plane bound for California, to have another go at climbing Mt Whitney. I think we’re pretty well organised this year. I’m about as fit as I was last year, but a bit more experienced with altitude. Krista’s a whole bunch fitter, and way more confident on dodgy terrain. We’re definitely both a lot more relaxed this year too.

The last few weeks, on top of the usual running and climbing, we’ve been down to the Adirondacks again to hike Mt Marcy and hiked the Seaton Trail end-to-end again, this time with big packs. Marcy was a loooong day, but we got to the top quite comfortably and both felt good by the time we got down again. The Seaton Trail was a lot easier than when we last did it, despite lugging 85-ish pounds of gear with us. It just goes to show how much stronger you can get without even realising it.

So now we just need to pack our bags, get a good night’s sleep and hop on a plane to LAX. We’ll try and post a few updates while we’re away, but for those of you who want to keep track while we’re out of contact here’s a rough schedule (subject to change depending on weather and conditions!) and a map of the route.

Tues 28th June Acclimatization hike
Tues 28th June Rest day and final gear check
Weds 29th June Hike from Whitney Portal to Outpost Camp, set up camp.
Thurs 30th June Leave Outpost Camp at 3am, summit sometime around noon, get back down to Outpost Camp before dark.
Fri 1st July Reserve summit day in case of bad weather, or else hike out if we’re done.
Sat 2nd July Either hike out if we used our reserve summit day, or a rest day in Owen’s Valley (maybe incl a bit of bouldering near Bishop.)
Sun 3rd July Drive to LAX and fly home.