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Month: May 2009

Battling colds, trek prep and another day of shopping

Beautiful Saturday here in Toronto!

Matt, who is under the weather after completing his first marathon, and I got up and out into the sun and started off in search of our day packs that will be our second skin for a good month. The plan was to hit Coast Mountain Sports, MEC and Europe Bound. Coffee in hand we hit up Coast Mountain. The staff there were just incredible. Michael took the time to go over several day packs with Matt and went as far as filling it with weights so he could get an idea as to what it would be like. Granted he was only walking and jumping around in the shop (I blame his cabin fever for it) with it. Comfort is the number one concern. After a few packs, several jumps and adjustments so the pack could fit his torso nicely he found it.

Off to MEC in search of a pack for myself. MEC is an awesome shop, but I felt a little overwhelmed by the options there and my attention span was losing momentum due to the fact that I was getting hungry. I lasted 10 minutes before calling it quits. Fingers crossed that Europe Bound has a good selection. Got there and WTF… the place is rammed with equipment and needless to say it isn’t very organized! Rummaging through the packs, Matt found one and suggested I give it a shot. The pack was super comfy and it sat well on my hips. Sold.

After a bite to eat, a bit of play with our new purchases and Matt announcing that I am no longer to call him by his name but by Snot Boy, we were back at MEC in search of hydration packs.

A walk around the shop, trying out carbon hiking poles (which are on the list), sporting bright orange down-filled jackets and looking at granny pants, the hydration packs were picked up. Matt opted for a 3L while I got the 2L.

Overall, a very good day of shopping! Next? Socks and durable hiking boots.

Shopping for books at MEC

Krista went shopping yesterday at MEC and came home with, amongst other things, a book about trekking in Nepal. If you’re interested, it’s called “Trekking in  Nepal, A Traveler’s  Guide” and it’s by Stephen Bezruchka. I haven’t managed to get near it yet but apparently it’s absolutely fantastic. Amazon reviews would seem to bear out Krista’s opinion too, so hopefully I’ll manage to wrestle it from her this weekend and find out for myself. One snippet that was shared with is the following quote which we both thought is rather poignant.

Nepal is there to change you, not for you to change it. Lose yourself in its soul. Make your footprints with care and awareness of the precarious balance around you. Take souvenirs in your heart and spirit, not in your pockets. Nepal is not only a place on the map, but an experience, a way of life from which we all can learn.

From “Trekking in Nepal, A Traveler’s Guide” by Stephen Bezruchka

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